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07-19-2012, 09:54 PM
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Originally Posted by optimus2861 View Post
Just to make it clear, Nashville is facing a $27 million outlay to Shea Weber in the next 12 calendar months. $13m signing bonus the moment the contract is signed, then $1m salary for 12/13, then another $13m bonus next July 1st (I presume that would be the date). That is a huge amount of cash for a franchise like Nashville to dish out to one player, and Philadelphia's ownership knows it. The sheet is specifically structured to be an absolute poison pill to the Predators franchise & ownership.
Hmm, well, being $14M under the cap floor, they were going to have to spend $14M this year anyway, somehow, some way. They could just spend it on Weber now and some cheap guys to finish off the roster as a cap floor team. Which is still a lower payroll than they had last year?

And as much as people are playing up the "12 calendar months" thing, the reality is its still $14M for this season, and $14M for next. It's a red herring to play that as if it's $27M for 1 year. They were going to pay him at least $8M per no matter what. Now it's more. And it's independent of work stoppages. And uninsurable in all likelihood. But still covers 2 seasons.

In fact, it probably makes more sense to look at the whole front-load duration, the 4-year or 6-year chunk which is still a huge up-front amount of money. You don't really need to try to play games with 346 days vs. 365. It's $56M in 4 years or $70M in 6 or whatever, which is still a massive amount of money for a single player, and so much of it in bonuses that are risk-free for the player and correspondingly higher risk for the team.

I dunno, without knowing a lot of specifics on Nashville's finances, or their "philosophy" on long-term contracts, who knows. They'll also have to factor in what they feel like Weber is thinking, what his mindset is. I dunno if they'll get a good chance to sit down with him now and talk about this. They'll probably have to go from whatever vibe they were getting before. I originally thought matching would be a no-brainer. Maybe it's not.

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