Thread: Rumor: Sharks courting Doan
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07-19-2012, 11:23 PM
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Originally Posted by sharski View Post
1) Doan is clearly a "go bat**** crazy after a pre-season loss" kind of leader

2) I don't want to get in an argument over here since Pinkfloyd's on the internet and i'm on my computer, but I SAW a Drew Remenda that was psychoanalyzing the team. And it's easy to say "just go psychoanalyze the team." WELL WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK HE WAS TRYING TO DO OUT THERE, PINKFLOYD? To just say that he's not a professional psychiatrist just because he doesn't have an MD... BALONEY. You deserve to be a psychiatrist if your name is Drew Remenda.

3) It will work because Drew said it would.
Before I respond, I just want to make a point of emphasis. This is my internet and don't you ****ing forget it.

As for the real points, I don't see Doan as the in-your-face leader type some do. He's a team guy and a lot more protective of his guys than he is critical. As for Drew, he's just gonna be Drew. I take it for what it is. An honest opinion and often hilarious especially when it steers to the point of what the guys are thinking and what they need emotionally.

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