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Originally Posted by NewHabsEra View Post
Nobody is denying Semin's top skills, but this team doesnt need passengers anymore, Semin takes too many shifts off and is knew for his lack of compete level, lazzyness in the practices and all.. Some people are underrating that this kind of players can bring a team down, we need charactere players pushing in the same direction, thats the way we will get a better collective effort most of the nights.. no need too spend our money stupidly, lets be patient and wiser..
Blablabla.. Always the same tape. This can also be said for a guy like Penner.. and guess what? He proved a lot of people wrong, he said it on the ice moments after the Kings won the Stanley cup. He knew his rep wasn't good and he showed to everybody that he can change and make a difference a game in a good environment/team.

People comparing AK to Semin, saying AK could be a 30g scorer if he wasn't lazy etc etc.. Well, even if Semin is streaky in his effort level, he still managed to maintain a ratio of 34.4G per 82 games... So at least, he IS a 30g scorer. He can also play on the PK... and he is +65 in his +/- ratio in his career.. So for a guy that is a floater and lazy, he probably does something right if the coach is using him on the PK and is always on the + in his last 4 seasons (+92).

You guys need to understand that a player scoring 30+goals is USEFUL for a team NO MATTER WHAT... Remember when we said Ryder was the most useless 30g scorer? Well, he's another guy that proved everyone wrong because of his one dimension game. You guys need to stop concentrating on his flaws ONLY and balanced the good and bad and judge if he would make a team better or not. I am really not convinced that a team starting a game with Semin in the line up has more chance to lose than win.

EDIT: Also, I kinda admire the guy for still wanting to play in the NHL after all the things that have been said on him. The easy way/life for him is to go back in the KHL but for some reason, he is still looking for a contract in the NHL.

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