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07-20-2012, 02:21 AM
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Originally Posted by JP Mick View Post
These ridiculously long, front loaded contracts need to stop. Hopefully they do under the new cba.
Weber is great but really?? This does not set a good precedent for smaller market teams wanting to get good use of their top drafted prospects, after years of care and development.
this is why, while it's going to suck ass...alot...i really don't mind that much if there is a lockout (as long as the owners get the players to accept alot of their terms like last time). i just hope they dont lose the entire season last time, and i don't think they will.

these contracts are just designed to circumvent the cap. teams like ours can never, ever even dream of offering a deal with that type of front-loaded bonuses and/or risk that type of term. big market teams are still using their financial "muscle" despite there being a hard-salary cap and have clear, CLEAR advantages.

the NHL thankfully seems to be all about parity, so i hope they really fight to end these cap-circumventing tactings by maxing the amount of years to 5-6 AND making it so every season has to be equal pay (AKA: no more of this 14 mil for 4 years and then 1 mil the last 4 years bullsh*t)

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