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07-20-2012, 05:42 AM
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Originally Posted by ShootIt View Post
I see nothing wrong with offer sheets.

The only thing I don't like about contracts, is what Philly did with Weber, giving him a "poison contract".

I hope the new CBA makes cap=salary. No more loopholes like that anymore.
I agree with you, I dont see a problem with the idea of offer sheets...just how some of them have been done like this one with Weber.

I know the owners are asking for that exact thing that cap hit = salary. I think now they may want to include something like 50% of the contract has to be salary and not related to bonuses. That would've changed the Weber deal since $68 million is just in bonuses I believe.

The problem with the loopholes it seems to me is that the players dont care to get rid of them since they get paid either way. And the loopholes are mostly found by GMs making these contract offers, though probably with the help of the players' agents. So to me, its a problem of the league not handing out stiffer penalties for finding loopholes and allowing them to go thru. It took several contracts that were basically cap circumvention before the league put a stop to it with Kovalchuk's deal. I'm still surprised that they didnt block this Weber deal TBH.

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