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07-20-2012, 06:51 AM
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It's embarassing how badly we spend money. We refuse to give out long term contracts so we're losing out on big time free agents so we go and use that money to sign second line/third line players first line money. Burke is treating his contract philosophy like AA a small market team. The Leafs shouldn't be worrying how long contracts are! just pay up! richest team in the league and as an organization Burke is allowing his moral righteousness get ahead of the success of the hockey team. When teams like Minnesota are outbidding you for players it definitely raises eye brows. I'll say this again, the way the Flyers do business is awesome, they don't f around with philosophies and what's good for the game they worry about their team and getting better all the time. Burke and co. should stop worrying about cap cirvcumvention when every team has at least one contract that does that. The rest of the league is taking advantage of a loop hole and our GM is worried about how it looks legally..screw that!! get some high end players on this team Burke!
Brian Burke has the NHL best interests at heart. His first priority is supporting the NHL.

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