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07-20-2012, 07:11 AM
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Originally Posted by optimus2861 View Post
Just to make it clear, Nashville is facing a $27 million outlay to Shea Weber in the next 12 calendar months. $13m signing bonus the moment the contract is signed, then $1m salary for 12/13, then another $13m bonus next July 1st (I presume that would be the date). That is a huge amount of cash for a franchise like Nashville to dish out to one player, and Philadelphia's ownership knows it. The sheet is specifically structured to be an absolute poison pill to the Predators franchise & ownership.

This contract is every bit as egregious as Kovalchuk's "sign him til he's 44" nonsensical deal was. It's not just the cap circumvention of those damned "tack on $1m years at the end" - it's the outright predation (pardon the pun) by a large-market team against a small-market one. This is not the way successful leagues are run. This is the way that leads to a permanent two-tiered league where the smaller markets effectively become farm teams for the larger ones.

Shame on this ****ing league for not stopping these ******* contracts when they started and letting them get to this point.
That is correct, Nashville if they accept this deal will owe Weber 28 million dollars for 1 hockey season even if they wish to trade him next off season. Add to that the 14 million Rinne will be making in the next 2 years that's a total of 42 million over the next 2 years which is currently more then their entire team Salary Cap at the moment

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