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07-20-2012, 07:51 AM
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Why is anyone blaming Weber, Parise, or Suter?

Seriously, this is pro sports. Who cares what he said? They all had time to get their deals done or be traded, and the GM's stayed put.

All the NJ fans want to do is rip Parise for "lying" when he said he wanted to stay, like Nash fans want to rip Weber and Suter. Well what do you expect the players to say, they like it there but might prefer to play somewhere else? In the middle of the season or a playoff run?

There's a reason those players all said they weren't going to deal with the contracts until the end of the year...they want to focus on hockey and not be distracted or a distraction to the team. Clearly if they DIDN'T like it there, they would have been talking to their agent or the GM and tried to get traded. I'm sure they all liked their teams just fine, but when you have one chance to make $100M and play with any team in the league, you take that chance.

It should be pretty damn obvious that if a GM doesn't lock up the player the summer before his last season on the contract, the player is likely going to walk for nothing. That's a calculated risk. NJ and Nash gambled and lost. But they knew that going in. If the players truly wanted to stay long term, they would have signed long term the summer before.

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