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07-20-2012, 08:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Shibster31 View Post
This was one of the reasons why I don't play in net anymore. Don't get me wrong I still go through alot of player equipment, but it doesn't cost near as much buying goal equipment.

Have you tried the Nexus 1000? I bought a 77 flex (cut it down, so about 87 flex) kane curve. It amazing how much little effort you need to release a hard snap shot. Compared to my X:60, it's night and day. I love this stick.
This is some great info and would probably exactly what I would do to the stick. Get a 77 Kane and cut it to about an 84. I've been using a TotalOne with the Richards Curve (P106), but I only got that curve b/c it was on sale in the LE form. Kane is my favorite curve and I want to go back to it.

When I bought the TO I was playing defense, but now I'm playing center again and I would love to get a stick with a quick release. Now I don't follow the Bauer guidlines (or peoples misconception of those guidelines) religiously i.e. that Supreme is for defense and Vapor is for offense, but since starting at center again I can tell the TO is not built for my style of play anymore. Don't get me wrong it is still great stick and plenty of NHL forwards use it, but in order for me to get the kind of power on my shots that I want I'm having to load it up and I feel sometimes that means telegraphing my shot to the goalie. It would also help if I stopped hitting him with the puck and picked my corners a little better. Ah well.

Man that $250 price tag is rough though. I thought maybe the RBZ would be a little cheaper but it looks like that is going to be $250 as well. At least I have a $50 gift card and I'll probably sell my Vapor X60 for around $50 to take the sting off a bit.

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