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Originally Posted by Andrew Mack View Post
Well for one players wouldn't care how big a cap hit is, they will still be getting the same money at the end of the day. It has considerably less impact on them than the teams, so I can't see them fighting against cap hits when they have bigger issues like revenue, ELCs, RFA years and the length of the deals themselves to worry about.

But still it seems very unlikely at this point, and I think it is a gamble Burke took and lost (not that there are ton of players I would've signed to those deals anyways outside of Weber) as at this point even if they had carte blanche to change it on the CBA it would completely sink several teams. It isn't just 2 or 3 anymore. Most teams have this kind of deal.

Can you imagine if all of a sudden Christian Ehrhoff had a $10M cap hit? Pretty much half the league would be in serious cap trouble. I know they were warned but the NHL can't do it now.
The NHLPA certainly does care about cap hits. It is the cap hit that directly affects how much money can be in the system at a given time.

I don't get thus warning part. The CBA was amended. That was it.

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