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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
It's a nice "hope", but I don't know what there is to base it on. Therrien's track record is at least something, and yes, while people change, when you hand an offer across the table to Semin and he has other similar offers from Detroit or wherever, why is he going to take ours and just "hope" as we do that Therrien has evolved?

Well, it seemed like he was in the doghouse last season in Washington a lot, and still got 21 goals and 54 points. I mean, if that is what you call "work well", then sure, I can see that being at least a reasonable floor to set one's expectations on. He's just that talented. And that's why I'd personally still offer the $5M/1yr or maybe even $6M/1yr or $10M/2yrs... because even that minimum return is still something we could use. Then with the "wildcard" upside that maybe things do work out better and he does even better than that. But I don't see how anybody could be "confident" that the full upside would be hit. It's just a "hope".

I say go for it anyway, go for the win. Even coddle Semin a little bit if you have to. Don't just fax the offer to his agent, fly them in, sit them down, take them out on the town. Get Therrien to smile and bat his eyelashes a bit, if that's what it takes.

It's worth a try at this point. I don't have to feel confident - or even optimistic - about it working out to still say why not go for it. I don't think there's all that much downside, after all.
So was Ovy, but he turned it around. Maybe this had alot to do with the coaches, and you are right. Can't see it being better for a player of his type with Therrien.

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