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07-20-2012, 10:17 AM
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The Shea Weber Reverse 14/280 Season Ticket Plan

Predator’s Front Office announces a new season ticket plan designed to keep Shea Weber in Nashville. It’s called the “Reverse 14/280 Plan”. Patterned after the wildly successful 2/20 plan of recent years where fans committed to season tickets for 2 years paid out over 20 monthly installments at a static price, the New Reverse 14/280 Plan takes the same concept but reverses the terms to coincide with Shea’s new contract terms. Here’s how it works:

Because you love the Preds and want to ensure we’re a Cup Contender for the short and long term, we freeze your season ticket price and you commit for the next 14 years. That’s right, 14 years thru 2026. In return for your commitment, we’ll take the total cost of your seat over the entire 14 years and front load the payment plan. You’ll pay half the total cost of the 14/280 plan in the first 4 years! That’s right, Pred fans, no more having those payments hanging over your head. 50% of your total payment will be paid off in just the first 4 years.

But wait, there’s more. You’ll pay another 44% of the total cost in years 5 thru 10 of your commitment period. You heard correctly, we’re giving you the opportunity to pay 50% over the first 4 years + 44% over the next 6 years, so that you only need to pay 6% of the total cost over the last 4 years of the 14 year commitment period.

Here’s an example:

Annual ticket price: $50
Annual cost: $2,050
14 year cost: $28,700

Payment Plan:
Year 1 thru 4 - $3,650 per year
Year 5 thru 6 - $3,150 per year
Year 7 thru 10 - $1,560 per year
Year 11 - $ 780 per year
Year 12 thru 14 - $ 260 per year

As an added feature, instead of breaking up your payments each year into monthly payments, we rid you of those multiple transactions and have you pay for the entire upcoming year each Sept 1st. No more monthly drain from your checking account. We rip the band-aid off just once each year prior to the season. You watch hockey all year without having to make monthly payments throughout the season.

The Predator franchise is committing to you, the fan, for 14 years, and vice versa. To highlight that commitment, unlike your current 2/20 plan, the 14/280 plan is binding. There are no outs. We vow to stay in Nashville for the next 14 years and ice a competitive team, and you vow to make your payments on schedule for 14 years.

Look at those low rates beginning in Year 7! This is a deal you can’t afford to turn down. Go to or call 615-770-PUCK or contact your ticket agent. This deal is offered for a limited time only. Don’t miss your chance to contribute toward keeping Captain Shea Weber in Nashville for life!!!!

Now I present this tongue-in-check, but to put in perspective what the Pred Front Office is faced with, this ticket plan brings it home in terms a season ticket holder can relate to. On paper, if you plan to be a season ticket holder for the next 14 years, this isn’t a bad deal. It holds your seat at 2012 prices for 14 years. At the end of the 14 years, you’d have paid less than buying year-to-year. Assuming a 2% price increase per year, that same seat will cost $65 in 2026. After surviving the financial pain thru Year 6, your annual payments after that are well below what you’re paying now. So, Great Deal, right???

Well, not so much. You see, you’re not only paying $1,600 more per year for the first 4 years, but you’re paying up front. That means you have to find the cash. In our example above, from Sept. 1st , 2012 to Sept 1st , 2013, a 12 month period, you will pay $7,300 for your seat. Under the current plan for the same time period, you’re paying $2,050. That’s $5,250 you have to find to make this work. Take that over the 3 year period from Sept 1st, 2012 thru Sept 1st, 2015 and you’re paying $14,600, as opposed to $6,150 under y0ur current plan. That’s $8,450 more you need to find under your sofa cushions.

Philly put themselves on an insidious financial power play, and it’s a 5-on-3 for 5 minutes. Even though we’ve committed publicly to matching any offer and even being a Cap Team, this is about cash flow and pushing all the poker chips into Center Ice and Philly saying, “show us what you got” to Pred Owners. Before we immediately blame management for even hesitating to match, consider what you would do if management came to you with this plan and said, “Either take it, or we lose Shea Weber and receive 4 #1 picks over the next 4 years”. Do you have enough cash to pay the front loaded price? I’d bet many of you would say no. That’s what Philly is betting. This structure was specifically designed to push Pred Ownership to the brink of financial risk.

Phone lines are waiting. Call now and sign up for 14/280!!!!!!!!

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