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07-20-2012, 10:22 AM
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Originally Posted by optimus2861 View Post
Just to make it clear, Nashville is facing a $27 million outlay to Shea Weber in the next 12 calendar months. $13m signing bonus the moment the contract is signed, then $1m salary for 12/13, then another $13m bonus next July 1st (I presume that would be the date). That is a huge amount of cash for a franchise like Nashville to dish out to one player, and Philadelphia's ownership knows it. The sheet is specifically structured to be an absolute poison pill to the Predators franchise & ownership.

This contract is every bit as egregious as Kovalchuk's "sign him til he's 44" nonsensical deal was. It's not just the cap circumvention of those damned "tack on $1m years at the end" - it's the outright predation (pardon the pun) by a large-market team against a small-market one. This is not the way successful leagues are run. This is the way that leads to a permanent two-tiered league where the smaller markets effectively become farm teams for the larger ones.

Shame on this ****ing league for not stopping these ******* contracts when they started and letting them get to this point.
Then let the small market money losing teams die. Do you actually care? Do you think NHL hockey is better with thirty teams?

This is not NBA, MLB or NFL. The NHL has over extended, and now we see a second possible lockout in 7 years because of it.

It was a bad idea to expand to small markets. This was clearly evident.

I will keep posting this until everyone gets it: This is a battle between small market teams and hockey market teams that belong in the league. It is not a battle between players and owners.

If the NHL was a strong 16 hockey market team league as it should be, we would not even be discussing this, as there would be no cap. Why does everyone here take the cap as given? It's a ****ing curse, especially for the Habs.

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