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12-02-2003, 08:27 AM
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Originally Posted by kenabnrmal
Actually, he didn't criticize Giguere or accuse him of cheating. He said the league needs to change the rules on the size of the pads. The fact that Giguere's pads are legal now is pretty much the problem. Its not Giggy's fault, he's playing by the rules. Its the league's.

As for the rest of your post, Selanne could have said anything from "we need to rid the world of AIDS" to "I hope they find that missing girl in North Dakota", and you'd still call him a whiner. Interesting you didn't bash Sakic for echoing Selanne's statements.
Point taken. It's just stupid of him to single out Giguere or anyone else.

The reason why I didn't bash Sakic was because Sakic made a good point that I agree with. The referees don't call games evenly, they call them by the score. The problem is this mentality is present all throughout hockey from the pro leagues to mites, so it would be a little hard to eradicate this.

Selanne wasn't whining about things like this when he scored 50 back in 97-98 and had one of the best individual efforts in the history of the game. Maybe he did and I just didn't hear it but I think it's kinda funny that these complaints come now after failing to break 30 the past couple of years.

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