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07-20-2012, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Protest View Post
I'm confused by the main board, not shocking I know, and their idea on how Nash should sign Weber and then trade him.

They say "Have to match. He's the face of the franchise, captain, and you'll lose the fan base, and sink the franchise if you don't match."

Then they go on to say "They can just trade him in a year for a better package than 4 1st round picks."

Disregarding the $27 million they'd be paying in one year, how the hell does that make sense? Would he no longer be the face of the franchise, captain, and would you no longer lose the fan base, and sink the franchise in a year?

In fact it'd be worse since your fan base now thinks he's a Pred for life, and then you ship him out a year later.

I don't get it.
That's how I feel about it. Why would you pay $27 mill just to save face... only to then trade him a year later for players that do not equal his immediate talent. That says to your fans you're trying to rebuild just as much as not matching the offer sheet only your wasting an additional year and a great deal of money. Essentially they would be paying to rebuild. The fans will get over it if the Predators would stop allowing their talent to get to this point and lock them up. Poile tried to low ball Weber time after time (Offering him less than $5 mill a year.... really?) so I don't remotely feel bad for their situation at all.

Honestly if their just matching this offer out of spite then they deserve the financial ramifications that come their way. Personally I have nothing against Nashville, I was rooting for them to do well over the last few seasons, but their management of their talent has been horrid and I'm concerned with my team first and foremost. They have been a franchise for 14 years. We haven't won a cup in almost 40. At this point do whatever it takes to bring it back to Broad Street, and if that means forcing another franchise to suffer financially due to this offer sheet than so be it. I also wouldn't offer any additional pieces besides Meszaros + to retain one of those picks and I would even be hesitant to do that. Either they have the money or they don't, simple as that.

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