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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
That is definitely part of it, but I think in the end, it would be riskier to let him walk and lose all the fan support gained in recent years, than to bring him back and shell out money. If Weber is the kind of player that will not play for the Preds or give it his all, etc. 1) I'd be very surprised because all reports are that he is an exemplary leader/team guy, and 2) I wouldn't want him on this team. In other words, while it is certainly possible, I think the Preds are comfortable matching because they probably think that would not be an issue after the contract is matched. Would he prefer to play in Philly? It appears as such. Would he hold out or anything like that and demand a trade? I don't see him doing that. Possible for sure, but not likely.

That being said, I hope you are right. Weber is my favorite non-flyers guy (soon to be favorite Flyers, perhaps). I would love nothing more than to see this deal go down. I just don't see it happening. Nashville's franchise would be in a lot more trouble without him than with him. Damned if you do, more damned if you don't.
I just don't see how anyone can quantify the amount of fan support that would be lost as a direct result of NSH not matching the offer sheet. Loss of Jersey sales? Sure, I can see how they can calculate that, but not fan support. If the fan support created was real, than the fans will be there through the rebuild and any loss should be insignificant. Plus, I think any support they retain is far outweighed by the amount of money owed to Weber+Rinne (their support base will basically stay the same, and the operating cost for the same product just shot into the stratosphere).

I agree that Weber would not holdout or create any problems if NSH matches; however, if I am an owner spending $110 million dollars I want to see a clear cut, 100% commitment from the player I am signing.

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