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Originally Posted by Caeldan View Post
How so?
He moved one asset, who was originally a very high pick for another who he admits almost immediately is a project.

Then allows the project to leave without compensation?

I still disagree as well that Lee was a bad fit here. I think he took a lot of flack for his draft position and the resulting woulda coulda shoulda and that it was more public perception working against him than anything else.

He did play very well in stretches when given the chance especially paired with Phillips. But for one reason or another was always the first bumped out of the lineup.
Dude, do you really think that Murray and McLean didn't use Lee because of where he was drafted? Do you really think that they didn't want him going forward based on perceptions? Come on man give your head a shake, he was an average player that couldn't play the puck possession and skating style that McLean is running. Perceptions and draft numbers are for fans to haggle over, not general managers and coaches of professional hockey teams...

The statement is flawed because you're attaching value and making a judgment based on your opinion. YOU think Lee is a good player, YOU think that he could have been part of this team, and because of this YOU think we lost out on something.

This thinking is not based in reality.

The reality is that Murray and McLean made it very clear what they thought of Lee when they had him in the pressbox for most of the year. Murray made it quite clear that Lee was not part of the Sen's future, Murray made it quite clear that he traded Lee to give another D man an audition, since there was NO CHANCE THAT LEE WOULD BE BACK NEXT SEASON.

It's a good move to make when you don't value an asset and are planning on letting it go for nothing in a few months, to trade it for whatever you can get, especially when you can get another player on an expiring contract who essentially auditions for a spot on your team. The fact that the audition failed doesn't make the move bad because in the end we end up exactly where we planned to be anyways; without Lee. Gilroy fitting in would have been a bonus.

Also consider that it was a kind move by Murray to allow Lee to also audition for a spot on a team, making signing a contract easier if he could contribute. This guy passed unclaimed through waivers, and now he has a nice little 2 year contract. He wins, we're where we wanted to be anyways, so what's the big deal?

For one reason or another bumped out? That reason was that he wasn't very good, and couldn't play our style. Not really a mystery. The Lee love has always been perplexing. He wasn't treated poorly or mishandled by this organization, he just isn't very good, and never will be. He played a few good games here and there, which was always surprising, but was not good enough to hold down a roster spot. A decision made by our beloved Jack Adams finalist coach. Bottom pair defencemen are easily replaceable, and are always worth dropping or swapping when you can get a similarly talented guy who better fits your system.

The major problem here is that some posters are attributing more skill and value to Lee than he actually possesses. Let it go now, he's gone, and we can better use his spot (whether that be #6 d man or pressbox d man).

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