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12-02-2003, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by AvsGuy
"It's a totally different game today," Selanne tells the Denver Post. "It's all defensive systems. There's just no goals."

true,in any league, Selanne would probably never reach 76 goals again. it doesn't mean that this league is fine the way it is. in the 1980's, 7-5 was a low-scoring game. 7-5 games are entertaining. much moreso than a 1-1 snoozer between 2 of the "league's best teams" like on Sunday.
To be honest, I'd rather see a 2-1 game trading scoring chances left and right than a 7-5 game with the same amount of scoring chances. Some of this has to do with bigger pads, some of it has to do with better defense, but a lot of it has to do with better goaltending. If you'll look across major sports, scoring has gone down in every sport at some time mainly because the players are better athletes now. Baseball's answer was to make the field smaller and hitter decided to start juicing, football brought in the salary cap which makes it hard for defenses to build continuity and there are few great defenses. Basketball went the complete wrong way by allowing zone defenses which just slows down the game even more.

I agree with Selanne in the blue line suggestion except I don't think the neutral zone should be even smaller than it is. I also think that cutting down pads isn't that bad of an idea as long as they're still safe. Even with that, I still doubt they'd have that much of an impact and you're not going to see 7-5 games in the league again unless something changes drastically.

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