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Originally Posted by doaner View Post
Absolutely! I understand if you are anti gun, but having one or maybe a few trained people that know how to use a fun would have saved lives. 100%! As a person, I would rather have something and not need it then to need it and not have it. This applies to all aspects of life, not just self defense.
But there's a limit. I'm guessing you also walk everywhere with a helmet and a bullet-proof vest. Better bring roller blades, too, just in case you need to make a swift getaway. And don't wear anything metal, since you're more likely to be struck by lightning then to be killed in a random act of violence.

In all seriousness, though, my issue here isn't about preparation. It's that even a well trained civilian could have (and likely would have) done more harm than good in this situation. With all that was going on, it's unlikely that anyone could have gotten a full read on the situation quickly enough to really resolve it. What if the gunman opened fire and was immediately gunned down, but someone else thought the second shooter was the person firing at innocent people and then shot him? It's very easy to conceive of a situation where lots more people could have gotten hurt. Not to mention this guy was carrying an assault rifle, which even the most paranoid of gun nuts doesn't often bring with him to a movie theater.

The solution to problems like these (which are very, very rare) are to make it a) more difficult for people to buy assault weapons and b) keep closer tabs on the mentally ill.

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