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Originally Posted by luckofirish8 View Post
IMO if Nashville doesnít match the Weber offer, and I donít know if they should or shouldnít, then the owners are effectively admitting that Nashville can't compete with the bigger clubs financially. No real shock and fair enoughÖI have no problem with being a small market club. However, we need to start acting one.

Small market professional franchises (SMC) can and have been successful in other major sports by embracing what they are. In order to be a successful SMC, you usually have to draft well (which we do) and be a forward/quick thinking team that tries to resign young players to long-term deals (not so much...think Tampa Bay Rays from the MLB) very early in the process. If those players opt not to resign they get traded at the height of their value for picks or a group of young prospects. No questions asked, and no hard feelings. Itís the nature of being a SMC. If done right, it can be endless cycle that leads to long-term success within certain budget constraints.

No, it isnít the sexy thing to say or admit, but you as a SMC can be success operating this way. Donít blow smoke about being a cap team when we likely wonít even make the cap floor at this point. Don't let youíre top assets walking out the front door with little or nothing to show for it. What good do these things bring to the franchise.

The Predators should be selling what they we are and what they have been. The underdog SMC that scraps their way to wins and usually makes the playoffs. Most people/fans like the underdog and occasionally the perfect storm of factors leads to a championship. There is nothing wrong with being a SMC. Hell, in some cases it makes the wins even sweeter.

However, there is something very wrong with acting like you arenít a SMC when you havenít really shown the means to be anything else. Whether thatís because you canít convince players to stay or you donít actually have the financial means to do so. Things can change of course, but for the time being IMO we should employ a SCM mentality of moving star caliber players along at the height of their value if they donít want to be here long term.

As is the case with everything, some will be opposed to my train of thought here (and that is your right). I also know this type of mentality can be very taxing on everyone (front office, coaches, players, and fans), but if done right you can see annual success.

Thoughts and/or varying opinions welcomed.
Spot on.

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