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07-20-2012, 02:23 PM
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Originally Posted by sobrien View Post
Jessica Redfield, the woman who survived the Toronto mall shooting and died here, was an NHL writer and aspiring broadcaster. Terrible news for her, the NHL, and everyone involved with the shooting. Reading her twitter is chilling. She was messaging Jesse Spector (another well known hockey writer) while sitting in her seat at the theatre.

More news is coming out now. As the police reached the shooters, he apparently identified himself as "The Joker". I wish I was joking....He also rigged his apartment complex with sophisticated explosives. This is insane
It's quite difficult to comprehend how one person can be involved in two public shootings, let alone two non-related shootings which occurred over 1500 miles apart from one another in a matter of a month.

What makes this shooting even worse is that, as of now, I havent heard if the shooter had any motives or targets. It was reported that the shooter in Toronto last month had two targets when he opened fire. Obviously this doesnt mitigate the seriousness of the crime, but it's not comforting knowing this guy opened fire for no apparent reason.

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