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07-20-2012, 03:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Reaper45 View Post
It was obviously a lie. If he was so adamant about having his kids back in Edmonton for school, he should've thought about that before he went and signed with Colorado. Just a convenient excuse.
So because he signed in Colorado 4 years ago, that means it was a lie?

That's just guess work on your part. A lot can change in four years from what you expected them to be. Maybe the issue of schooling wasn't as big of a concern for the family then as it is now.

Originally Posted by Rorschach View Post
Back on topic...I don't see us trading with Calgary unless it's the deadline, Calgary has no hope and thus they trade Kipper.

Maybe they trade Kipper to LA in the same deal? We talk a lot about getting Iggy the Cup but what about Kipper? I'd sleep soundly knowing he was LA's second goalie...he could play 30 games a year and another 8 or so games in the playoffs. Heck, trade both Iggy and Kipper to us and we'll rebuild half your farm right there, Calgary.

(I know, wishful thinking. )
He has a cap hit of $5,833,333 for this year and next (actually slightly higher than Quick's cap hit when his new deal starts). Why would we want to tie almost $6 million up in a backup goaltender? And that's not to mention the assets we'd have to give up to get him, which (if we were to go with strictly draft picks) would likely cost 2 1st rounders plus.

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