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Originally Posted by doaner View Post
Exactly. for those times when an unexpected something comes up. For me (and many others), by baby glock is just that. I would rather have it on my hip and not need to use it then need it to protect my family and other civilians and not have it. I couldn't live with myself if something happened to them and I was unprepared.
But you're also a police officer who has undergone training not available to most civilians.

At a certain point, the preparation carries more risk than not being prepared at all. Everything you do is a risk/reward calculation. The risk of leaving my money under my mattress outweighs the risk of leaving it in the bank. Is being unarmed in your own house a risk? Sure. If someone wants to come into my home with a gun, I'm powerless to stop him. But I also don't have to worry about anyone being shot accidentally (whether because I panicked and overreacted or because a curious child got a hold of it or whatever), which is greater likelihood.

As a member of law enforcement, I'm guessing you've often seen cases of people trying to take the law into their own hands. How often does that work out?

Originally Posted by doaner View Post
Yeah, you can't prepare for everything, but in today's time where home invasions are everywhere and kids are being kidnapped all over the place, carrying a piece of metal gives me a piece of mind.
Home invasions are not "everywhere" and kids are not being kidnapped "all over the place," not that you'd necessarily have the right to shoot someone in either case (nor should you). This is paranoid thinking. Both, especially the latter, are quite rare.

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