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07-20-2012, 03:42 PM
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Originally Posted by capfit9 View Post
Would raising compensation levels for RFA's deter other teams from handing out offer sheets ?

Right now it seems as if though some of the good young players whom are about to hit RFA status hold a lot of the leverage when negotiating their contracts. This seems to create a lot of pressure for G.M.'s and leads to handing out big amounts of money with artificial years added to them rather than competing with other teams during free agency. If we were to raise compensation levels for RFA's, I think that would shift some leverage back to G.M.'s trying to negotiate with the RFA's as rival G.M's would be somewhat adverse to handing out offer sheets. I also believe this would impact some of the inflated prices that are paid out to some of the UFA's these days as they would use comparable players in determining their value.

What do you guys think???

sorry if it's too wordy just thinking out loud.
The NHLPA players are 1/2 the CBA equation, and why would they want to see your suggestion approved?

Its in their best interest to have them lowered even to allow for more movement and competition for their services through bidding wars which increases their earning potential by more offer sheets offered.

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