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07-20-2012, 04:08 PM
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I'd be interested to see some (reliable) statistics breaking a few things down, like:

How often are guns successfully used to defend against home invasions? (And by "successfully" I mean preventing further harm to life and property by killing or disabling the intruder(s), or causing him/them to flee, without accidentally injuring bystanders or the user.)

What is the ratio of such "successful" resolutions, to cases in which the use of a gun in self-defense either fails to stop a home invasion or causes additional harm? For instance, how many homeowners are themselves killed or injured in the course of trying to stop a home invasion with a gun?

How many non-gun owners are killed or injured during home invasions, as compared to gun owners who keep a gun for home defense?

How many break-ins occur when there's nobody home? How does that compare to the number of break-ins that occur when there is someone home?

How many guns are stolen during break-ins that occur when no one is home?

Under what circumstances is self-defense a legally valid justification for shooting an intruder? For example, I've been told that you can't legally shoot a man as he's leaving your house with your television. However, you can shoot him if you're convinced that he means to harm you or your family.

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