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Originally Posted by GerbeSonOfGloin View Post
I can see that, but I think that the default assumption should be inflation and the erosion of value of dollar figures, because that's the natural trend in any healthy economy. I agree with the OP that a lot of people have developed a reflexive sticker-shock at certain numbers (the $7 million mark, the $5 million mark, etc.) There are many who keep pointing out that the cap has risen, that you have to overpay in UFA, etc. but it still doesn't seem to be enough.

Any free agent with medium-high talent seems to get at least $5 million these days. If you're demanding your GM be active in the summer FA pool, try to get used to these figures, and especially don't be a dick in other fanbases' signing threads when they sign a 2nd liner/2nd pairing dman to what is actually just the current going rate.
Actually it's not, with regard to inflation that is. I know I'm off topic, but inflation increases were never anywhere near what they were before the fed existed.
The gov't pays the fed in bonds (IOU's), and the fed prints that money and loans it to the gov't. But when it does this it creates only the principle, and never the interest. There is not enough money in circulation to pay off all the debt that is owed.

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