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07-20-2012, 05:32 PM
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Originally Posted by JMT21 View Post
I must concur with the last few posts. The market, fans, players, agents, cleaning staff etc deserve better than what they're getting. GJ's silence is more than deafening. I don't even think he's commented publicly since the COG meeting 6 weeks ago.

It is too much to ask for the man to simply make a statement? Positive reassurance could boost season ticket sales. The face of the franchise could very soon look elsewhere for a new place to play.

At this point I'm afraid GJ has remained silent as nothing positive is progressing. If he's close... really close to securing the funds.... then speak to the market....... let them know.

The market surely deserves at least that.
Is there anyway that a group of active fans can somehow get involved in the process? I mean there might be something like a petition drive, or perhaps filing an amicus brief on behalf of GC or something of the nature. It seems that the fans would stand to lose the most in this process, and would be absolutely key to making the transition work in the future, and yet so far has had very little to say....

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