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07-20-2012, 04:46 PM
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Originally Posted by doaner View Post
No need to be a dick bud.
It must come naturally, as I was not even trying that hard.

You know how some people know they shouldn't be parents?

That's kinda how I am about me owning a gun.

But I'm very responsible around shovels, hammers, knives and scissors.

I know there are good responsible gun owners out there, just as I know not all are responsible. But I would never suggest we ban all guns.

There are situations where people with their loaded guns would come in very handy; just don't think they are the solution to every situation, or this one.


Sinurgy - I agree. Many look at things like this and say "See?? See?? This is what I was talking about before!!!" and then use it to push their agenda.

Like, "See?? See?? This is what I was talking about before! Little good ever happens away from home after midnight! People should always be home by midnight!"

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