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Originally Posted by shutehinside View Post
Perry and Getlaf were at a meaningless tourney in Europe. It wasn't the Olympics or the Stanley Cup playoffs so let's not even go there. For all intensive purposes it could have been training camp.

The Preds had their franchise on the line as we can see now and AK and Rads had their head up their *****. All the team leaders Weber, Suter, Rinne etc were asked if the two in question should have been suspended and they all agreed they should. Think that happens to valuable players?

Funny how this is used to trash Semin but defend AK and Rads.
1) Perry and Getzlaf were representing their country. It's an important tournament with best-of-1 rather than best-of-7 elimination. They were partyinng at 3am which makes them more than 45 minutes late.

2) I'm not trashing Semin, Radulov, or AK. I'd take any 2 of those on the Habs if we were not in a rebuilding/tanking year.

3) As for the predators. Good for the players, they said they agreed with management rather than saying management is idiotic. The fact they agreed with management on the record proves your point that management is right /sarc

Do you not expect the players to say "Management are looking for scapegoats. We need Radulov tonight. Bottom line is Trotz is being outcoached and he's looking to assign blame". ??? How come they didn't say that instead ???

The predators have lost AK46, Suter, and Radulov for nothing, and the Habs will be getting a high 2nd rounder next year.

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