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Originally Posted by ThirdManIn View Post
OK so what you're saying is you either jack ticket prices up in cities where the sport is still growing, which is guaranteeing that they will fail, OR talk Toronto, Montreal, etc owners into making less money because they have to lower their ticket prices even though the demand is so high that the extremely high prices are actually where they should be?

You don't do that. When you are setting ticket prices you have to look at the price equilibrium. You don't just set prices because it's "fair", or because it puts teams on "equal footing". It actually doesn't. Teams where demand is lower will see a huge surplus in the amount of unsold tickets they have while teams where the demand is higher will be in the same spot (having people on waiting lists, though they'll be longer) while making less money.

Won't work
Just like owners see Rev sharing you can use that same argument for each. Rev sharing means teams with high demand make less money because they are paying it out to the teams in the bottom of the league. You know to make things more fair for them to offset losses etc. So no mater how you do it someone will always lose out.

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