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This is an all around solid group and they for sure compete for a medal. Im not sure if the 3 player rule is applied so I put it in anyways. Normally Blanchard would be in MacSween's spot but... Anyways, up front, the top line is gonna be great and should put up a lot of points. The second should do the same and addition some energy with Bishop and Moody's gritty playing styles. The third line is like the second line, should be able to put the puck in the net, and also provide energy. The fourth line should be a good defensive line that could be depended on at the end of games. On defence, the first pair should be pretty good offensively, and decent defensively. McIntyre and McCabe, if they play together they may be the most physical pairing at the tournament. They both aren't overly great offensively, but both have good positioning, can skate pretty good, and both can hit like trucks. The third pairing is good two-way and it wouldn't surprise me to see Deschenes jump into Nickerson or McCabe's spot. In nets, McDonald could arguably be the top goalie at the tournament if he's on his game, and Landry gives him good assurance as a backup. Team Atlantic looks solid and has great depth. If the rule isn't in place, and they take Blanchard over MacSween, and Whiffen over Landry, this could be one of the first times I remember the whole team being drafted except for the underagers. They surely should compete for a medal.

Saw this quote from the head coach
But they also must keep in mind the provinces the players are from and fill those holes as well. Itís a completed puzzle and more than simply finding the very best fit with the skill sets needed on each line in each position.

Sounds as if the rule is still in place to take players from all provinces

I heard that Maccallum had an excellent camp and MacDonald had to leave as he was sick.
The team is not named until late November so there is lots of time for the coaches and scouts to see the players in action

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