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07-20-2012, 05:56 PM
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Originally Posted by 101st_fan View Post
Being willing or able to pay for top talent is one thing ... being willing or able in this particular structure is something else.
That is the real key. This is really 2 7 year contracts lumped into one.
First 7 86m= 12.3m a year
Second 7 24m= 3.4m a year

I can't speak for other sports but I can't ever remember a signing bonus being such a large part of any NHL contract as well. We are talking 61.8% in signing bonus alone.

And these numbers are murder on a small market club. Even many big market clubs would have a hard time with these numbers. But this is a case where a team that most likely has the largest cash flow, parent company with profits in the 3-5b a year mark, sticking it to a team that works on a budget.

I am a life long Kings fan and hate to see what is being done here to both the team in Nashville and the league. A competitive league is good for everyone and that requires healthy teams. And that is where this really has no winner. Failure to match hurts the team and the city. Matching could send the team into financial trouble. It is really a no win.

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