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07-20-2012, 06:41 PM
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Originally Posted by bozak911 View Post
Dude. Did you have your head in the sand about the aftermath of that arbitration hearing? Weber basically came out and said that he didn't like hearing a massive negative argument against him and his play.

Further edit: As part of the "aftermath", Weber's agent came out and said that "they" consider the priorities that Nashville needs to follow are; Re-signing Suter, Assuring Weber he will also be signed, and then Rinne.

Poile basically said screw that; I'm signing Rinne FIRST.
Really? You're basing 100% of your argument on a statement from a year ago that someone didn't enjoy being critiqued? Newsflash, people don't enjoy having their faults pointed out. But it's absolutely disgusting to accuse Weber of being so big of a cry baby that he might base the next 14 years of his life on one minor encounter that is permanently in the past. Seriously, he's not a 15 year old girl, quit arguing that he absolutely must think and behave like one. Boo hoo, the GM didn't follow my suggestion to a T (nevermind the fact that it's Sheehy who caused that turn of events, not Poile) I'm going to go show him!

If any of that was even remotely meaningful there would have been no issue about where Suter signed. QED

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