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12-02-2003, 10:07 AM
Snap Wilson
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Bob Gainey's idea about increasing the size of the red and blue lines sounds better and better.

I'm not so concerned about scoring. I've been watching hockey since the late 70s, and I find the brand being played today very compelling. I like that defense has gotten better, and that offenses have to work harder to score.

I don't think the problem is the game, it's the officiating. Some games are called pretty good, others are hit and miss (just like in any sport) but an increasing amount are out of control. Once the players realise that a ref isn't calling something you're going to see it all game. Are they completely ignoring diving now? Not that it has much impact if a player wants to look like a fool sliding along the ice, but call it anyway. If they say they lost an edge, tell them it's two minutes for being a klutz, hell, just tell them it's two minutes for looking STUPID, because it does look stupid. It looks like a soccer game out there.

Just like with the players, the league has an agreement with the refs, so making some changes to the system or making them more accountable may not be possible until that agreement is up. But when it is, drastic changes need to be made.

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