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Originally Posted by beth View Post
I've recently discovered that I have lace bite bumps and they are starting to cause me pain. Not really bad, but I know if I don't do anything about it, then it is just going to get worse. I can't afford new skates, and I really like my skates, so I sat down with them to see if I could figure out a solution.

And I came up with a crazy way to tie them that locked my heel down better than ever before, took the pressure off my bumps and still allowed for some forward flex. I skated a game with them tied this way last night, and it was amazing. I won't ever skate with normally tied laces again!

I am including a pic! Hopefully you can figure out what is going on here. I'm creating a heel lock at the 3rd and 4th eyelet, then skip the 2nd and instead come up through the top eyelet. From there I go back down and put the ends through the heel locks, crank it tight and then tie. Skipping the 2nd eyelet creates a deeper "V" in the laces for more flex. It sounds like a pain in the butt to tie, but once you have it, it's actually pretty easy to loosen and get your skates on/off.

Just thought I'd share! If anyone else laces their skates weird, tell us what you do!

I went to this site for inspiration:
So after seeing your picture, and looking over the lacing methods, I relaced my skates a couple of times to see if anything felt more comfortable than what I am going with now. What I ended up with was a combo of the "zipper" method and your skipped second eyelet method. I ran the zipper up to the fifth eyelet down and then just continued with what you did. I find it keeps the bottom portion of my skate the tightest and most comfortable while still providing stability through the heel's weird to me that I found a decorative lacing to be more comfortable.

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