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07-20-2012, 07:51 PM
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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
There's always a first and it's a GM's responsibility to look at every possible option and/or loophole in any agreement. While this was the first set of front loaded deals like this, it was a possibility that every GM should be aware of. Holmgren was, why wasn't Poile?

No offense but I agree with you on the point of offer sheets and what they used to look like but there is due diligence that was missed by Poile on this one. You know as well as anyone around here that I have been more than supportive of Poile throughout the years but this offseason he royally screwed the pooch.

There are two options with this OS, one is bad, one is worse. I feel like I'm dating an ex here who always gave me two choices like this. Best of luck to Poile and the owners trying to figure this one out.
This is beyond Holmgren ... this is Mr Comcast and his deep pockets getting involved and throwing early money around in a scale never seen in the league. Over twice what Suter, Parise, or Brad Richards received in bonuses. A bonus that pays more than Crosby earns total in the first six years of his new contract. This is the summer of owners getting directly involved in long term contracts with huge bonus structure while simultaneously approaching the NHLPA with proposals to eliminate just the type deals they offer.

The Preds can compete on average salary. Where they can't compete is in easily tossed around cash.

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