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04-21-2006, 07:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Sanderson
Kopitz is injured and Walter isn't anybody you want to rely on for offense. He has no shot whatsoever and is no great passer either. There was exactly one moment in the whole season where he did an amazing move on offense, the rest of the season it was a big fat nothing.
You mixed something up here.
I had two different points with no direct connection:
Defense lacks offensive touch.
Critizism of the selection of Ancicka.

I do not expect Köppchen, Bakos, Walter or Renz (etc) to join the rush and be an offensive defenseman, but if you`re going with all those youngsters what´s the need for selecting Ancicka ?
Isn´t that the lack of 'support' for the german talent the DEB reminds all the german teams of all year long ? Doesn´t the DEL teams get critized for trying to hand out passport to every player who has slim slim slim german roots ? The DEL teams get critized for bringing 'german foreigners' in and what´s the DEB doing here ? Passing up on many german player to go with Ancicka (and Fical).
Stick to your guns DEB and don´t go out on a limb that often with demands.

Originally Posted by Sanderson
Goc has a cannon, he should get plenty of PP-time.
Sure - but he lacks precision for years now, although he´s had more luck this year. Overall he hasn´t been a powerplay contributor for years nor does he possess the vision to run a powerplay. I wouldn´t count on his luck for a longer distance - would be like counting on Daniel Kunce, who´s about the same player Goc is (and Kunce has a cannon too) and Kunce has been solid for years, but nothing more. Speaking about the offensive output Kunce has been way more sturdy than Goc (i´m not denying the great year of Goc here, but he´s been everything but not sturdy).

Originally Posted by Sanderson
Germany didn't produce much even when they had Ehrhoff, Schubert, Seidenberg and Sulzer on the blueline, and those four have good to great offensive instincts. It always seems like Germany has the talent for a successfull powerplay, but plays a tactic which doesn't work. Apart from the first goal against the Czechs during the Olympics, they rarely make use of the great shots which are coming from the defensemen.
Just because Ehrhoff & friends didn´t produce (when they were younger and not that impressing as of late (atleast Sulzer)) means that we´re giving up on an offensive flow from the blueline ?
We shouldn´t care about the talent of running a powerplay, cause obviously we can´t run a powerplay - we´d better care about the tactics and the selection of the players to have a good powerplay instead of having lots of talent for a potential good powerplay.

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