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07-20-2012, 09:49 PM
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Originally Posted by gopreds19 View Post
Haha I knew you'd take the bait. The fact that Holmgren envisioned this meant Poile should have too. And really, its not that big of a stretch, even if it is the first time it's happened.

Think about it, cash strapped team lets best defenseman on the planet go to RFA. The player comes by to kick the tired, and the GM wants him. So how does that happen without the other team marching?

Hit he other team right where it hurts, with upfront money and uninsurable bonuses. It's actually a pretty shrewd and savvy move, even though it is a d move also.

I wish our GM had those stones. But I'm sure you still foregive him. Actualy, do you? Do you think blameless in this, and if so, what do you blame him for?

If you'd bother to read you would notice where I said the information isn't in the public domain to know if this summer is the fault of Poile or the ownership. (reading is fundamental) If he was given permission to make deals with similar structures to what Suter and Weber accepted, the blame is on Poile. If he had limitations placed on his negotiations or contract structure that prevented him from making such front loaded deals, the blame goes to the owners. The problem we have doesn't appear to be an ability to pay over time, it is short term liquidity to front load deals with huge signing bonuses. Then again, we don't have the Comcast chairman as our owner, or Pegula, or even Liepold ... we have an ownership group that has done it's best to right the ship financially while .

The two big signing bonus teams this year had DIRECT involvement of the ownership in green lighting such deals. That's one thing that gets glossed over in the rush to assign blame here.

Nice try trying to tell me what I would or wouldn't say regarding Poile. All you demonstrated is that you haven't kept up with the discussion here.

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