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I saw this online and figured it was worth a share. There's not much new in the article, but the video they have is worth checking out. I've only seen Ho Sang at the prospects camp and in this video, but I voted that he's the next Taylor Hall in the poll. I'm sold on him. He may not be the same player as Taylor Hall but he's most certainly going to be that elite offensive threat that every champion needs. If they plunk him on a line with Rychel who do they put between them? I'd love to see Clarke get the gig and shut up his critics who want to package him for unicorns and pixie dust.

Another guy who doesn't get any respect around here is Pavelka. Everyone is so fixated on getting somebody else so we don't waste an import slot on an overage goalie our memorial cup bid year that they are overlooking just how great this kid played for us. If I lined up the goalie's we've had over the last couple years in order of how confident I felt with them in the net, it would go Gubauer, Pavelka, Campbell, Passingham, Engelage. It took a bit for him to get comfortable in Windsor, but once he found his groove Pavelka was consistently one of our best players every night. Campbell, Passingham, and Engelage never gave me the same confidence each game that Pavelka did. Give the kid a bit of credit. I'm ecstatic he's coming back to Windsor and I won't be surprised if he has a great season for us.

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