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07-20-2012, 09:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Legionnaire11 View Post
I think it's monday before we hear anything, and that's just to give Poile and Co. time to get their sales pitch to the fans ready. They need to present a unified message and a solid plan going forward without Weber.

The risk is too much and the money is a small part of that. It's about the timing and the health of Weber. If Shea's head hadn't been dinged a few times, and if there wasn't a work stoppage looming, it's a different story. But with that injury history, and being unable to insure the bulk of the contract, that's a very risky situation. But worse is the bonus money due, and the almost certain work stoppage. That means that there is no hockey money coming in, yet Weber gets his bonus money no matter what. Not only are they facing an unknown period of time with no ticket revenue at all, but the other part of that is that when hockey does return it's almost certain that ticket sales will be down.

And then there's the double-whammy factor. Let's say there's a work stoppage next season, the Preds are shelling out huge money for Weber anyway. Then at some point in the next 2-3 years Weber suffers a Crosby-like concussion.

As much as we want the team to prove that they're major players, this contract isn't the one to do it. It has way too much possibility of proving just the opposite, that they can't sustain a contract like this, and it leads to the end of the NHL in Nashville.

At least with the picks (or whatever those are traded for), the team can go through a few down seasons and have a chance to build back to the point they were at last season. With Weber's contract, they almost surely don't have that opportunity because they either lose way too much money by paying his bonuses, or his contract prevents any sort of decent team from being built around him.
I was guessing Tuesday. Either an immediate response or one in the last 48 hours with nothing coming out over the weekend is usually a good guess, and we've gone long past an immediate response.

The one indicator here is that if Poile was authorized to make a deal with a similar structure to the offer sheet, matching would be an automatic from the ownership. That hasn't happened which leads me to believe the owners never blessed off on a huge front loaded deal like this.

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