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07-20-2012, 09:46 PM
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This was my e-mail I sent last night. I agree with those who have said that sending a personal, rather than a form letter, is more effective:

I know you may be receiving a lot of e-mails about this right now, but as a fan this is all I can do to feebly attempt to influence this situation. I've been a Predators season ticket holder since 1998 (when I was 12); since then, I've grown up, gotten married and purchased my own season tickets for myself and my husband. We're die-hard fans and have been there through all the ups and downs of this franchise. That being said, not matching the offer sheet placed on Shea Weber is not a down we'd be willing to tolerate.

We cannot allow the perception of fans, other players and the league that our team is a cheap one who cannot hold on to its players become a reality. That's what will happen if we don't match. If that happens, my husband and I will be canceling our season ticket package. We have faithfully spent great deals of time and money on this team over the years, and we believed ownership when they said we would be a cap team committed to winning the Stanley Cup. If we will not or cannot match this offer sheet, it proves that the owners are liars, and my family will no longer be willing to sink our hard-earned money into this team. And honestly, it will break my heart.

I know you don't control much about this decision, but I've e-mailed you before and I know you read e-mails from fans and ticket holders and I felt that I had to do whatever small thing I could to make my feelings known to the organization.

PLEASE convince the owners to give David Poile what he needs to match the offer sheet. The reputation of our franchise depends on it.

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