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07-20-2012, 11:41 PM
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Originally Posted by txpd View Post
where did leonsis say that he was "soley interested in ....dollars..."?

you dont understand my comments? i read these threads this thru the last couple of seasons and its just gets progressively worse. this fan base in here, hates the team. yea, there are a few that dont on the margins, but most of the regular posters there recently rip the team to pieces one post to the next in a constant barrage of negativity.

i just shake my head.

btw....ive been a caps fan since 1974 when one of the first players moved onto the street next to my street and we saw him almost everyday.
So, first of all, I didn't suggest in any way that you're not a serious or long-suffering fan so no need to trot out the bona fides.

Second, not solely maybe but he basically says that a big fan base that renews its season tix trumps team success.

Third, there are a few haters around here, sure, but what I see and read is mostly the same frustration I feel. The clear message that ***** in seats is more important than Cups makes people mad. Anger and disappointment don't equal hate.

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