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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
Because the # of players from Quebec in the NHL has decreased big time?

The OHL is probably the best development league in the world. The QMJHL brings some players, but the majority of which are import players. As a matter of fact, top prospect Mckinnon plays in the Q but not a quebecer. Sure, the habs got a few locals to be part of the management team, something I'm not particularly thrilled with although I'll give them a chance...but why force anything else? it's pretty much known galchenyuk is a top prospect and couturier has a great upside as well. Now...we're suggesting trading one for the other and adding a lot just because the kid's dad is from Quebec. I mean...I like Couturier and all but what's the point? Sure, there's a lot of talented quebec locals around the league. Vlasic, Gagne, Lecavalier, St Louis, Bergeron, etc... and I'd like them on the habs, but we're talking about a select few distributed over 30 NHL teams. Quebec has failed to produce many stars in recent times and the NHL has grown since the glory days. The talent from quebec is harder to find. Bergevin has gone on record saying he'd love to add locals, but it has to be a fit. I'm sure over time we'll try but why force it with dumb trades? In fact, Bergevin spoke to PAP's agent, PAP went to colorado. Gainey had a deal for Lecavalier, it was vetoed last second. I mean, they try, they really do, but I don't know if you recall but the rumored deal for lecavalier was:

Draft picks


Call me crazy but hey, sometimes forcing it will bite you in the ass later. Imagine habs lost that now? Jesus...Sometimes you gotta just draft and grow your own prospects and hope you get a local talent as well. I have no issue with it, but one day we'll get our own couturier, our own giroux, lecavalier and whoever else can be deemed related to quebec but it takes patience. These guys aren't all UFAs. It's tough and you gotta build through the draft. For every pick you give up for another guy, it's one less opportunity to get a local talent.

Also, for the record, it was 'some'. A lot of the habs board, a strong majority, wanting the best coach available. That's it. We could argue all day if they did get him or not, but a select minority were pushing hard for the french coach stuff. Some prefer it, some don't care and some are loco over it. The end result is most were passive on the language portion.
thats the thing tho. Galchenyuk is prob gonna be better then
Couturier but Couturier is in fact still prob going to be one hell of
a good player. thats also a reason why i proposed the trade.
Not only because he has quebecer blood..
i wouldnt give Galchenyuk for the devils 1st round quebecer named Paradis for example..
Couturier is not just a little decent player lolll.
that being said i know that its not the same anymore and i have no problem
with drafting players like Galcheyuk when there is no other Quebecers available
that have close to the same talent... im just saying that we should draft more quebecers in the first round like Giroux instead of Fischer, Gagne instead of
Chouinard or Perron instead of Pacioretty(even if Pacioretty is better).
Pacioretty is the only draft, where timmins didn't mess up out of how many??
anyways the point is if we would have drafted all the quebecers that were ranked in the first round. we would be far from being in the position we are now..

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