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07-21-2012, 01:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Ritzie View Post
Pretty funny all the "tough guy" experts speaking about the Habs have not even mentioned Ryan White. The Habs are way tougher than the Leaf squad at the moment. BB better do something soon, because the Sabres, Habs and Sens have gotten a lot tougher. Our team IS soft.

And anyone who thinks Frattin should be moved out for some half-ass player needs their ****ing head examined. He's EXACTLY what this team is lacking. Tough, doesn't back down, lays the body and goes hard to the net. How many people talk about "potential" and "ceiling" and don't see it in our own backyard. I'm a Burke fan, but if he actually moved Fratts for an unproven Bernier or some other lateral move, I'll lose my ****. That's not even a lateral move. That's going backwards. I'm sure all you Kule slurpers will go on about how he "does all the little things", but I'll take Fratts over Kule any day of the week.

Frattin is not tough. He is a sniper. Watch the kid play, sure he battles in the corners but he is primarily a scorer. Any hits he gets is a bonus, don't make the kid out to be something he is not.

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