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07-21-2012, 01:30 AM
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Originally Posted by intangible View Post
Oh, so you know this for a fact? Or you're just looking into your crystal ball? People said the same about Kariya, yet we landed him. Makes sense to add Semin.. Grachev isn't playing in the NHL, and Semin would be a nice addition to mentor Tarasenko.

You do need warriors, but you also need a bona fide star, something the Blues lack. Name the last team who won the Cup without a star. You're going back a decade at least. Fact is we need a star on this team; Petro isn't there yet. Semin might not have been as offensively productive under Hunter, but he can be that offensive threat and can help drive those other fast forwards like Perron, Oshie, MacDonald, and Tarasenko.
1:Semin a mentor? really?!? this guy needs a mentor himself

2: the last team I remember win a cup without a bona fide forward star is Boston. their star was Chara and thats pretty compareable to us with Petro IMO but since you don`t think the 4th best d-man in the league (per votes) isn`t a star I guess we see the NHL with different eyes

and you really think Semin under Hitch will produce more than Semin under Hunter?
and he can be a more offensive threat with our guys than with Ovi and Backström?

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