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Meeting Sharks Players or Staff or other players and your experiences

So, I was reading a thread from back in the day and it was describing how other people got to meet fellow hockey players or anybody hockey related and decided to ask you members who have you met and how did your over all experience with that certain person go that way some fans know how it is to meet a certain player or person to expect what a particular I'll start first.. I'll go in player number in the people I've met

Thomas Griess: 2 times Very Nice guy signs usually anything that you ask him to has a unusual high pitched voice.. I thought that was kinda weird and funny at the same time but he's a great guy to meet or talk to.

Jim Vandermeer: 1 time Very nice guy, also willing to sign anything you ask him to, he is quiet though so don't be shocked if he doesn't speak too much but he will sign things

Douglas Murray: 1 time Very friendly man, when I met him he signed my puck and the sharpie he used and accidentally dropped the lid and he said my bad and picked it up I offered to pick it up and he apologized and picked it up and said here you go

Rob Blake: 1 Time Very Nice, he signed my sign and was very great full and appreciative that I asked for his autograph

Nicholas Wallin: 1 time He signed my puck with no question but didn't talk too much which seemed kinda mean but hey he is a Stanley cup winner after all so do you blame him?

Joe Pavelski: Three times probably the only shark player I've met the most out of anybody, he is very nice and signs anything you ask, plus also took my advice one day when I met him and I told him hey do me a favor score me a goal and that night when he played he wound up scoring two goals and I think he got the game winning goal which was cool!

Milan Michalek: 1 time he was utterly quiet but he signed my sign and was an okay person

Christian Ehrhoff: 1 time he was a nice guy, he also signed my sign and took a picture with me which I thought was pretty cool and awesome of him

Jamal Mayers: 1 time well kind of he was in a hurry to meet people at the blood drive and thank them for showing up but he was right in front of me he announced when he was in a hurry and said he was sorry maybe next time

Marcel Goc: 1 time he was as nice as Christian was to me he signed my sign and also took a picture with me.. I might be the only one on here but why did they give him number 11? I always thought that'd be designated for Nolan right??

Patrick Marleau: 1 time, he was great, he signed my sign and thanked me for asking for his autograph and glad that I was so happy to meet him

Jamie Baker: 5 Times I realize that what I said about Pavs was wrong but I met Jamie more times, he was nice and he remembered me from the first time i've met him he signed my puck plus a sign which was really cool of him the other times i've met him was either at the elevator to get in the seats or meeting him in the front doors or down ice level which got him by shock he was like oh hey whats up who do you think will win tonights game and i gave him my intake and he agreed with me

Jonathan Cheechoo: 1 Time Very awesome guy! He signed my sign and another item I asked him that he previously signed and that got washed away and he was gladly to resign it which was very cool! He also took a picture with me

Jim Sheppard: HF Boards favorite person to pick on in here well i met him 1 time and he seemed thrilled to signed my jersey for me so I thought he was a good person to get an graph from hopefully he gets a chance to play this upcoming season

Devin Setoguchi: Two times Maybe it's just me but it is very hard to get this kid to talk to you but once you do he'll open up and talk but yeah he signed my two jerseys but at separate times but yeah expect him to be quiet

Torrey Mitchell: 1 time, He is very funny his uncle and aunt who I had the great honor to sit next to in a game had some funny stories of him but yeah he also signed my sign and was great full he was in a hurry though I guess because it was around the time he injured his leg and didn't want to be on it too long

Alexi Semenov: 1 time he was great he signed my sign and another item but he didn't realize that he signed that item already beforehand and he didn't care he was happy to sign it again. Also took a picture with me.

Scott Nichol: 1 time well kind of it was during a morning skate and he was practicing on face offs and a puck accidentally deflected of his stick and skidded my head a little lucky that i didn't get hurt too bad just had a headache after but he asked me real quick are you okay? and I was like yeah and he was like at least you have a puck from me.. I so wish he could sign it or get him to sign it next time he comes to SJ that'd be awesome!

Doug Wilson: Twice I know I'll probably get a lot of heat on this one but he to me was great he signed my jersey with no questions asked and also explained to me why he traded setoguchi last minute and remembered me the following game I saw him right after and said hey have a fun night tonight and enjoy

Manny Malholtra: 1 time He was in a super rush, and he seemed to be kind of mean but he signed both items I asked him to and he did say thank you

Ryane Clowe: 1 time Very nice guy signed both items with no question glad I met him when I did he was right in front of me and he was like sure i'll be glad to sign anything wish I had a picture with him

Anttii Niemi: 1 time very nice guy he signs for anyone and he took his time to actually sign his autograph and thanked me for waiting for him to get his autograph and wasn't so mean as a stanley cup winner like Wallin

Kent Huskins: 1 time, he signed both items but was very quiet just like wallin eh that's a former duck for you lol

Marc-Edouard Vlasic: 2 times Pickles was great he signed my sign and my jersey for me and took a picture with me which i thought was cool just because I know normally a player can either sign two things or take a picture with one autograph but he did all three the other time I met him he also signed my other jersey of his and said hey I remember you!

Jason Demers: 1 time Nice guy, you can crack a joke with this kid and he'll burst into laughter he also signed both items I wanted him to sign but yeah he's a great kid unfortunate that Nabby accidentally cross checked him

Derek Joslin: 1 time Nice guy but a little quiet but he'll sign what you ask

Benn Ferriero: 1 Time nice guy ! Signs anything he is a short little dude but hey he signed what I asked him to

Drew Remenda: Three times he is great ! super friendly and always willing to sign anything!

Randy Hahn: Same with Drew friendly and signs anything! I once shared an elevator ride with him which was cool because he signed my jersey while on the elevator was getting to our destination which was the top of the arena man it was high up there!

Sj Sharkie: 5+ Times that I met him he is funny and great he does good for autographs and entertains everybody and sometimes if your lucky he will give you something maybe a high five or even maybe a raspberry or even a shark memorabilia item (he has to really like you)

Danny Miller: 5+ Times Great guy he considers me a fan who always trys to make an effort to go to coolest games of the month and always remembers me and thanks me for coming and always gives me the heads up when the next coolest game will be he signed my puck and was like why do you want me to sign the puck i m not important and i replied yeah you are your the one who announces Sharks Goal! or Power play! or something good and he was thrilled to sign the puck right after that

Mike O' Brian aka sound guy of the tank: 3 times Great guy and very great on to ask what song was played during a certain game he also signed my puck and said wow! no ones ever asked for my autograph before!

Brodie Brazil: 3 times, great guy talkative and he actually signed my jersey which was cool because i think he is one of the fewest people I can actually read the signature! But he is cool

Mikael Tellqvist: He was probably the only back up goalie I know that actually signed a puck during game time which was really cool he was like sure he took off his gloves and was like here enjoy!

Alexander Semin: Became friends with him over the summer and turns out he is a real great guy and very nice I hope to meet him in person one day and get a hockey stick from him he said just ask him and he'd do it for me.

Well, that is all the people that I have met I hope people have some great experiences to right about here are some pictures that I have with some people

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