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Originally Posted by hb11xchamps View Post

As for the veterans, I'm not sure about the attitudes of Taffe, DiSalvatore, and Stafford but I am sure they are more of a team player then Danny Richmond was last year. Rumors were that Richmond constantly would mope and it got bad in the locker room which is why the trade was made. Hopefully they can all get along and French and Yingst have a good plan intact so the same doesn't happen this year
Yes, the rumors were around about the vet situation and about Richmond.

(hey, could you do me a favor and edit your post to not quote everything so this doesn't get so lengthy)

Again, it's early with the unknowns of the NHL CBA and whether the NHL season will start on time, plus perhaps someone is hurt and might not start the season on time. Not surprised that even if it meant a vet issue in the short-term that Yingst/McPhee re-signed Aucoin. (not obviously with the updates, they didn't sign Aucoin)

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