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But when we are talking about a player like Hall we are not basing his inclusion on high ceiling, at least I know i'm not.

We're talking about bringing the type of player whose skill set fits in with the type of mix and team we will need to bring to Sochi in order to defend gold. I and it appears some others think his does.

We can't make the mistake of just taking guys "who have the experience" but may not be best suited to the type of game and opposition that we will face over there.

Sure, some experience will be necessary over there but we have enough of those guys who also have the skill set that is paramount for the the big ice game so that we should be able to mix guys like Hall and what he brings in despite him not having nhl playoff rounds or world championship golds under their belts.

We need a different game plan then what we brought to torino, a different game plan then what we brought to Vancouver for that matter.

We can't go with the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" mindset this time around.

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Hall is not automatic for the team by any stretch. He needs to stay healthy for a year and put up numbers at the same time.

He can have all the skill and drive in the world...but he hasn't registered enough pro-level performance to justify his inclusion. At this point, Perry is an easy choice over him.

Ppl need to keep reminding themselves it's not a prospects game or a talent showcase...or, at least, i hope it's not.

We need people who will be able to show up and put down results in a brief period of time and under heavy pressure. Having, in the long run, a *high ceiling* is not what's important.

re: seguin - unless he reaches a new level this year, he should not be on the team. As skilled as he is, and as much as he's improving quickly, there's still a level of timidity to his game (which is completely to be expected given his age and level of experience). I fear he will look lost at a tournament like this.

I've thought about it more and wouldn't mind Getzlaf and Perry on the team. Getzlaf is certainly no stranger to stupidity in international tournaments...but he's strong and powerful enough that if he can pick up his game he should be an effective presence. Same with Perry.

This team misses the medal round.

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