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Originally Posted by Psuhockey View Post
Sorry should of been more specific. Nashville can promise not match and return the 1st round picks (maybe keep one) for the Schenn brothers. I don't think this offer sheet was made to cripple the Preds, since Holmgren and Poile had a strong relationship before. I see this OS as a way for the Flyers to have exclusive trading rights with Nashville and to lower Poile's demands. If Poile wanted Schenn and Couturier +, that was a little steep and not too realistic even for the best dman in the league. Holmgren has a reputation for being fair around the league according to Elliote Friedman, so I think one of them was probably on the board, mostly likely Schenn. And your not moving Brayden without Luke at this point. At this point, a think giving the Schenn brothers to Nashville for the picks back and a promise not match is best for everybody.
These guys are competitors. Flyer ownership will stop at nothing to win a cup. It's not about being fair. It's about winning, it's why the Flyers compete every year. Nashville matches or they get 4 picks that's it. Holmgren at this point doesn't give anything up now, that time passed.

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