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07-21-2012, 10:54 AM
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Seto - I won a contest he did on Twitter where he would randomly select someone to get 2 tickets to a game, meet him after the game, and get his signed game used stick from that night. He was a little shy at first, but I'm the type of person that treats everyone the same, so I just talked to him like a normal buddy and he opened up.

Brian Boucher - Came through the Starbucks I worked at. This was right after that epic game in the regular season against Detroit that people still say is one of the top 5 regular season home games in franchise history. Everyone working that shift were fans and were all excited about that game. He just gave us a "give me my coffee and leave me alone" vibe. Signed a Sharks cup for me.

Ben Ferriero - My girlfriend met him at The Grill during training camp last season. He was with a bunch of the other prospects. She recognized him but was too scared to talk to him. So her friend took her up to him, introduced her, and asked if they could take a picture together. But she left the camera back at the table, so she left my girlfriend with him and said it was super awkward because my girlfriend isnt good with small talk. So they just stood there in silence until her friend came back.

Clowe/Mayers - My friend saw them together at a bar in Santana Row the day before Mayers left for Chicago. He offered to buy them both a drink. Clowe said yes and was enthusiastic about it, but Mayers told him no and gave him this look like "really? you think you can hang with us just like that?"

Brodie Brazil - Such a cool and down to earth guy. Chatted with him at the Shark Infestation Trip this past season when we stopped at In N Out. I think people didn't know how to approach him, so a lot of times he was just sitting or standing alone at rest stops. So I just introduced myself and he said he recognized my name from Twitter. We got on to talking about how he flies planes and how Im interested in getting my pilot's license.

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